Thanks to a strong position in its niche market, Duferco Special Steels Europe is one of the leader Company in the distribution of special steels products in Europe, based on stock facilities in Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy and the UK.
Our products are applied in a wide range of industrial sectors: oil and gas, automotive, ship-building, machining, etc.
Among our 1’000 customers and more, they are fully satisfied with our prompt business actions and by the availability of an extended variety consisting of more than 2'000 different items in stock.
We are organized by geographic area and we provide our skills and experience toward our customers satisfying their peculiar requests (customized stock, etc.)

Carbon, alloy and tool steels for mechanical and forging applications
We offer mainly round bars hot rolled and forged conditions.
Our products are produced according international norms and standards that allow further transformation by our customers (machining, forging, welding, heat treatment, etc.).

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